EEXI Version 0.1 [Free License]

EEXI Version 0.1 [Free License]

Download the FREE python based EEXI calculation software from here

Based on below:

  • MARPOL Consolidated edition 2017, Annex VI, Regulations 19-21
    MEPC 73-19-Add.1 Annex 5 - 2018 Guidelines on the method of calculating EEDI
    MEPC.332(76) - Amendments to 2018 guidelines on the method of calculation of EEDI
    MEPC.333(76) - 2021 Guidelines on the Method of Calculation of EEXI
    MEPC.334(76) - 2021 Guidelines on Survey and Certification EEXI
    MEPC.335(76) - 2021 Guidelines on the Shaft-EPL system to comply with EEXI

How to install the software?

1. Download the Software package [ ] from the above link.

2. Unzip it to get the folder [ EEXI_ver_0.1 ]. Open the folder to navigate to EEXI.exe. Run the file by double clicking it.

How to Run the Software? Sample Data selected from a representative Sample Class Approved EEXI case. At the End Results of the Calculation will be compared with the Class Approved EEXI results.

Instructions for Data Entry
Enter Ship's Particulars. Enter Engine Data, Fuel Data [Single/Dual Fuel]
Sample Data: General Cargo Vessel with Single Fuel [Oil] Shaft Motors in Economy Normal Sea Going Load
Data Entry Done by Clicking on [CLICK HERE TO ENTER DATA]. And after Entering Data, clicking on [ CLICK HERE TO GET RESULTS ]
Selected Data: Shaft Generators with 200 kW Power Take Off, Power Take In [Shaft Motor] Installed with 400 kW rating, Generators and Shaft Motor Efficiency is taken as 94.7%. PTI [Power Take In] not applicable for Normal Sea Going Economy Mode. PTO selected for Normal Sea Going Economy Mode.
After Clicking on [ CLICK HERE TO GET RESULTS ] , PMEI and PAE calculated will appear on Screen. Click NO, click CONFIRM and Click to Proceed to next stage of Data Entry.
In this Case, Vessel was a subsequent Sister Vessel and this Sister Vessel [Speed vs BHP Power] data is available from Sea Trials at Ballast Draft. The other Data available is Lead Sister Vessel's [Speed vs BHP Power] data at Scantling and Ballast Drafts. From these 3 set of [Speed vs BHP Power Data], the fourth Curve for Speed vs BHP Power Curve is derived for current Sister Vessel.
Based on Vessel Type Selected, the various Questions will be available and data entry required for each of the option that were selected.
This section will present the Final EEXI attained at Vref. [Green if less than Phase 3 Required EEXI, Red if more]
Last Page will present a scrollable text window with detailed calculations on Required EEXI and Attained EEXI.
Attained EEXI calculated by Software 12.50 g CO2/Tonne-nm matches with the Classification Approval Letter.

In case of queries and comments, please feel free to send them to

All the Softwares are written in Python programming Language, one of the most popular Programming Language.

Softwares work on Windows opearting system.

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