Environmental Loads on Anchoring Systems


Environmental forces on Anchoring Systems [for Oil Tankers and LNG based on OCIMF MEG3]
Software written on Python Programming language.

License Type: Perpetual License

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This software estimates the forces on Anchoring systems and includes an interactive calculation sheet. Live interactive Plots and graphs used in support of the calculation are on pages.
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How to use this Software?
A. Following Inputs are required for calculations:
1. Enter ship type, ship dimensions.
2. Enter wave data [wave height, wave speed, wind speed, height of wind speed measurement

B. Get Wind Analysis Results [for Oil Tankers and LNG]
C. Get Current Analysis Results [for Oil Tankers Only]
D. Get Wave Drift Analysis [for Oil Tankers and LNG] based on Pierson Moskowitz Wave spectrum Energy Data.
E. Check if Anchor Strength exceeds the Environmental Loads.

Watch the short video explaining the features.

Additional information

Additional Information

IMPORTANT STEP: After downloading the installation File, Install the program with "Administrator Rights" in a folder of your choice. And run it with Administrator Rights. Send your computer's MAC ID name to navalarch@navalarchitect-design.com for getting the activation key for executing the software and getting results. upon receiving the activation key [*.txt.aes] import the key from application main window using "Import Key" button. Always run the program with "Administrator Rights". Just Right click and run as Administrator.