Integrated Intact Stability for SINGLE SKIN BARGES


Integrated Intact Stability for SINGLE SKIN BARGES  Code written on Python programming language for calculation of Hydrostatics, Cross Curves and Intact Stability for Single Skin Barges.

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This software calculates Hydrostatics, Cross Curves and Stability GZ curve for Loading of Barges which are shaped with vertical flat sides, flat bottom with no slope and with sloping ends at the aft and forward.

How to use this Software?
Following Inputs are required before the user can evaluate a loading condition:
1. Enter the Length, Breadth, Draft, Depth, Length of Sloping Ends and Height of Sloping Ends.
2. Enter the Barge's Lightship, VCG cordinates, Deck Loads and Tank Liquid Loads. And software will calculate the Stability at Load Cases.
After inputting the basic data, by Integration method, accurate Hydrostatic Curve, Cross Curve and GZ curve are generated which can be zoomed and values can be read off from the graphs. Or values can be downloaded into a report. Or Curves can be queried for values on screen to check the quick results.

IMO Criteria Timber Criteria Alternative Stability Criteria and Wind Rolling criterias can be checked on screen and KG and Displacement values can be toggled for Criteria Check with PASS/FAIL results on screen. Report Can be generated at the end of the analysis.

Watch the short video explaining the features.

Additional information

Additional Information

IMPORTANT STEP: After downloading the installation File [IIS_setup.exe], Install IIS program with "Administrator Rights" in a folder of your choice. And run it with Administrator Rights. Send your computer's MAC ID name to for getting the activation key for executing the software and getting results. upon receiving the activation key [*.txt.aes] import the key from application main window using "Import Key" button. Always run the program with "Administrator Rights". Right click and run as Administrator.


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